Monday, May 6, 2024

INSD sale | last day sale at Oscraps

  Hi friends, today is the last chance for iNSD SALE in my store at Oscraps!!! So if the Oscraps is your favorite shop don´t miss the last chance for saving ;)

50% off on everything & over 60% off on collections

***NEW products***
brand NEW collection Memory Lane  &  
new CU Grab Bag iNSD 2024
 -all new products for a special price in both Shops ;)

buy: PU - PBP  or  CU - PBP   |  Oscraps Store

New CU Grab Bag iNSD 2024
- for a special price - 74% off -

- 6 new products for commercial or personal use for a special price of only $ 9.00

+ all my CU products are on SALE  minimum 50% off
only during iNSD

BUY in my commercial-use shops

all my CU products on SALE 50% Off

Memory Lane

This collection is on sale 64% off - only $ 9,90
Don´t forget that the collection is for a special price only during the iNSD Sale!


Thank you for your support and have a beautiful start to the week ;)

((hugs and love))

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