Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New CU products and photos of Notre Dame ice sculpture

Hello, my friends!

Today I have for you new CU products and at the end of the post, I would like to share some photos of Notre Dame ice sculpture.

This week I released two brand new CU products.
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Last week we had a school holiday. My girls had a week break from school. That was a perfect time for some trips. We had more plans but my younger daughter was ill. It was a pity when she had a school break and she had to stay in bed with a high temperature. But at the end of the week, she felt good and we could go on a trip. 

We chose the High Tatras. (this is the highest mountains in our country). The Tatras Ice Dome in Hrebienok is one of the most recognizable and visited attractions in the High Tatras mountain range in Slovakia in winter. 

At the center of this year’s ice sculpture exhibition is a giant 11.5-meter-high representation of the world-famous Notre Dame cathedral which was engulfed in a fire earlier this year. The massive sculpture is made up of 1880 blocks of ice, weighing more than 225 tons.

The sculpture is a direct copy of the original Notre Dame cathedral western fa├žade, stained glass windows, and its three main entrances, above which one immediately recognizes the two main towers of the building.

It's something you don't see every day and it was beautiful :)

Here are some photos.
(PS: apologies for the quality of photos, because I did shots only with a phone, I didn't have a DSLR with me)

the weather wasn't very good for nice views

We ended the trip in Tricklandia. 
It´s a gallery of trick art that creates a visual illusion. 
There we had such a fun time :)

Thank you for looking and have a great week. I will have something new for you soon ;)



  1. Magnificent ! Even with a smartphone...
    I am seeing people standing on a wall :/, maybe i should get some more rest as it is early...
    I haven't much time, i'll be back to face reality (?)
    ♦ C from Paris ♠

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