Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It´s $2 Tuesday - Today Only!


Grab three products, each only for $2! Available at the DigiChick! 

The Digichick has one Tuesday of the month special $2 Tuesday
when you can grab goodies only for two dollars!

For this $2 Tuesday you can grab these three products, which coordinate together.

Grab Bloom And Grow Kit only $2 and two additional products

TODAY ONLY - $2 - Bloom And Grow Kit

TODAY ONLY - $2 - Bloom And Grow Clusters

TODAY ONLY - $2 - Bloom And Grow WA

inspirations from my creative team

...and these next two pages are mine

 You'll find these great items on sale for $2.00 now through Tuesday, April 17th!

...and at the end, two reminders. 
Today is last day of sale my last re-release Life Is Beautiful Collection - 65% Off

And tomorrow is last day for my SPECIAL

Till Wednesday, April 17th is this collection for a special price! The price is as for kit, but you receive full collection!

Enjoy special sale and have a wonderful days!


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