Saturday, March 24, 2018

New CU products and my personal scrapbooks


This week I have two new and two old CU products in my store.
These are for commercial use, but you can use it also for your personal projects ;)

all are for a limited time on SALE (until Monday 03/26) - 20% Off

This month I had my personal scrapbook marathon. 
I did over 35 scrapbook pages during four days.
Last Saturday we had a celebration. My dad turned 70. I did for him a special gift - scrapbook - photobook. I used photos of his parents (my grandparents), photos of his childhood and wedding photos of my parents, photos with my sister and me and photos of all grandchildren and also some family photos from summer holidays and Christmas.  It was a big and wonderful surprise for him. I documented all his beautiful memories in one book. I am very happy to have made such a gift.

Some of the old photos were damaged by time, so I did retouch. Here is one of that photo.

Here is a peek of the photo-book. 
For all scrapbook pages, I used Palvinka Designs collections.

and at the end photo with my dad from Saturday :)

Have a wonderful rest of week and don´t forget documented all yours beautiful memories ;)



  1. Hi, I would love to see the video with the scrapbook you made, but it says "video unavailable", is there any other way to watch it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Daniela,
      what browser do you use?
      ...for watching the video please try to use another browser. I use Chrome and I don´t have problems. I tried Explorer and here I saw the same notice as you. I am sorry for troubles...

    2. Hi, I use Chrome too, I also tried Firefox and Explorer but none of them worked :( that's ok though, thanks for replying.


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