Friday, October 20, 2017

2018 - Calendars and Clusters - Special Offer!

Hello my friends,

I have for you great tip for original Christmas gift for your family and friends!
Be ready for Christmas now! Create the perfect gift with this beautiful calendars.

I have three new type you can choice who you like it or grab all of them for best price.
Simply add your favorite photos, print and you have beautiful calendar for next year. In each set you find in addition to quickpages also the monthly dates and set of clusters.

You don´t know to decide which calendar to choose? Take all three for the price of two!
Because the dates are all the same in each calendar you can combine the pages between each and create a unique calendar, or you can create for each of your friends a different type of calendar. There are so many options ;)

special offer - buy 2 - get 3 & SAVE 

this set of calendars includes: - 2018 - Calendar and Clusters I., II., III.
you get together: 36x QP month (3x12 months) in two version (US, EU) 
 + 3x front page + 39x clusters used in qp as png.
+ 2 x 12 month date png. (European and American version)

each page of the calendar can be viewed in detailed images HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend ;)



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